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Nonverbal Communication in China

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Gestures of China

Greeting lecturers

  • In schools, students greet their lecturers by lowering down their head and bending slightly to show respect.

It is a culture shock...

  • Majority of Singaporean students only greet their lecturers by acknowledging their names. Some of the students won't even greet their lecturers.


Shaking hands

  • In China, shaking hands is not used between people of different status, but only between socially equal people, friends or businessman.


It is a culture shock...

  • Singaporeans are more open and they will shake hands when they meet new people or friends regardless of their status.


Reaching an agreement

  • It is an informal gesture used when you reach an agreement with somebody else. In China, it is also a sign of good wish, hoping that the agreement will last.


It is a culture shock...

  • Singaporeans will express agreement verbally instead of using a gesture.


Expressing a feeling of thankfulness

  • In China, people make these two hand gestures to express a feeling of thankfulness. This is especially important in public occasions.